Monday, June 4, 2012

Mantiowock WI to Road America to Big Stone Gap, VA

6/3-6/4/2012  Another twofer post!

Yesterday started with packing the bikes and going to the track.  The weather was perfect; warm, but not hot.  Sunny.  Breezy.  A really nice day for a race.  This was our first trip to this race track.  Road America appears to be an older track, but it has something that other tracks lack--bleachers.  At Road America, there are bleachers scattered all along the track, with restrooms and concessions located at most of the bleachers.  That makes being able to sit so much easier.  We carried chairs, but left them on the bike because we didn't need them.

The races were good, with good competition for most of the races.  One racer dominated the SuperBike races, but the race for second was very good.  The other races were more competitive, so they were interesting.

After the race, we changed into riding gear and left the track.  Leaving the track with Gary is always an adventure.  I think it's a combination of good bike skills and guts, but even if we're late starting to leave, or in the very back of the place, we get out fast.  Basically, if Gary sees an opening to move forward, he uses it.  And I follow him very successfully.  Usually, people leave by driving in the right lane.  But the left lane is almost never being used because everybody is leaving, not coming.  So, he rides in the left lane, passing everyone in line in the right lane.  If a vehicle does come towards us, we just merge into the right lane until it has passed.  Then back into the left lane.  Often, others follow our lead and get out faster, too.  We're usually out of a race or event in about 5 minutes, whereas I'm sure some take 30-45 minutes.  So, it's a real adventure, and something that I look forward to doing!

We rode several hours south, stopping at Merrillville, IN for the night.  Nothing special there, just a place to stop on the way home.

This morning, we got out, and it was cool and damp, with threatening rain.  We actually ran into some showers and stopped to put on rain gear, knowing that the showers would stop as soon as we changed.  That worked, we had only a few light showers the rest of the day.

We rode about 520 miles today, finally stopping at Big Stone Gap, VA.  We rode the Kentucky Mountain Parkway getting here--a fabulous road--4 lanes, 70mph, and curvy.  It was nice, and there was almost no traffic.  What had been a very boring ride on the Interstates became a very enjoyable ride when we got on the parkway.  it also took us to some mountains that I've never visited before. Very pretty mountains, some that I want to visit again.

We're about 200 miles from Gary's house, and about 340 to my home.  I'm looking forward to getting back home.  Love to travel, but also love to come home.

Speaking of home, I'll be there tomorrow!

ps--I tried posting pics, but for whatever reason, they will not upload.  So, come back; I'll have some posted tomorrow or Wednesday

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