Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pfafftown to Monroe, MI

5/29/12  Long day on the road!  But not too hard a ride today.  We left Gary's home at about 8:45am and rode through the country to US 52 headed north.  Traffic was not heavy, and the weather was very pleasant.  A good ride.

In a few miles, we passed Pilot Mountain, which was half-covered in fog, hiding the knob at the top.  We decided to take US 52 north, just to have a few twisties early in the day.  Unfortunately, we got behind an old woman doing about 35mph, and so we did only a few twisties after she finally turned into a side road.  

A while later, we crossed over to I-77 and made some good time, for a while.  Somewhere around mile marker 60, the traffic stopped.  We learned that they apparently had one of the routes closed through a tunnel and were alternating northbound and southbound traffic.  It was slow going and hot (about 90 degrees).  Finally, it was our turn to move, so we got off at the first exit and got onto US 52 again, figuring even though it was longer, it was better than sitting still.  A few minutes after getting off the Interstate, we could see it stopped again.  A good decision.

We followed US 52 to Hwy 19 and took 19 north.  It sorta parallels the Interstate, but with lots of good curves and fun riding.  I enjoy doing hwy 19; not much traffic on the road and it has good sweeping curves.

After a while, we jumped back on I-77 and mo ved along pretty well for a while.
So, 549 miles today, one rainstorm.  Several delays in traffic.  But we made it to Michigan safely.  Now, Gary has caught up with me by riding in 49 states.  Yooo Hooo!

Even though I promised pics, I'll have to post them later.  Can't get Internet except through the phone, and it's 11:10 pm, and I'm tired.  So, I'll quit for now.

Tomorrow... Michigan!

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