Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prelude to Another Road Trip

Well, it's been a while since my last blog.  In reality, it's been almost a year since my last post.  But I haven't had a significant trip to write about since then.  Some trips of a few days each, but nothing worth writing about.

Gary and I are heading out of town on the bikes on May 29.  I plan to ride to his house the afternoon before so that we can start early on the 29th.  I know it won't be really "early", but if the ride starts there, it saves me two hours of riding.  So, I usually go to his house to begin most of our rides.

The bike is pretty much ready to go.  Tires have a few thousand miles on them, so they should hold up for the approximately 3,000 miles for this trip.  All headlight bulbs are working (knock on wood).  And all services have been done.  I may have the brake fluid flushed and the throttle bodies balanced next week, but I'm not sure if my shop can get it done before we leave town.  If yes, I'll also install new spark plugs.

This trip is to ride to Michigan in a day's ride, see the big lakes as we ride north, explore the upper peninsula of Michigan, ride over to Wisconsin to Elkhart Lake where they are holding the RoadAmerica Road Race, and then, when it's over, return home.  If all goes as expected, we'll be home on June 5, the day before Gary's 65th birthday.  All in all, this will be one of our shortest trips ever.

We haven't decided if we'll camp or do motels every night.  I don't mind camping except that it takes a lot of space to carry the tent and sleeping gear.  In any case, I know we'll do motels most of the time; actually if we camp, it will probably be only at the campground at the racetrack.  We'll see.

Hopefully the weather will be decent.  It can't be as hot as last year's ride, where we saw 113 degrees one day!  That's just too hot for old men like us!!  So, hopefully we'll have cooler temperatures and be more comfortable.

I'll shut up for this post, but wanted to introduce folks to the ride.  I may do one more post before I leave town.  Or not...

BTW, I'll post a pic of the bike and my grandboys playing on it so there'll be a picture to look at.  I know that folks enjoy the pics more than what I write....

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  1. You guys keep the shiny side up and have fun. May the motorcycle weather gods smile upon you...Kevin